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The world of cats is a pet-friendly pet. Cats are smart, self-reliant animals that are fond of play, entertainment and familiarity. The word cat refers to carnivores, which include tigers, lions, leopards, and other felines. . Domestic cats and wild cats share many qualities and qualities, as they have strong long bodies, fairly round heads and a strong short jaw that holds 30 sharp teeth.

The cat is highly skilled in hunting its prey from other animals, by approaching the prey in a quiet lined foot, or waiting until the prey approaches and suddenly pounce on them.

Domestic cats have a lot of special physical abilities, including the ability to see in low light better than human as well as climbing trees, running at high speed and jumping long distances, and cats have a sense of balance as it can easily walk on a high wall narrow or on a thin edge, and when falling Cats descend lightly on their padded feet.

Cats differ in character and some physical characteristics such as the length and color of fur, and there are a large number of breeds of cats each have some distinctive characteristics, and among the favorite breeds Siamese, Burmese and Persian.

No one knows exactly when cats were domesticated for the first time, and some historians believe that they were domesticated about 5000 years ago, and throughout history some people have acquired cats for their ability to catch mice, rats and snakes, so cats kept farms, homes and workplaces free from these pests